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the peoples of the sea

look and experience the sea differently


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Why the PEOPLES of the SEA

Seafarer, photographer / naturalist director, I decided to found the NGO PEUPLES DE LA MER. LEUCATE is located in the center of OCCITANIA and the GULF DU LION and constitutes a remarkable natural space. Its territory benefits from numerous classifications: Natura 2000, Narbonnaise regional natural park in the Mediterranean, Marine natural park of the Gulf of Lion. It is a living concentrate particularly rich in biological diversity both at sea and on land. During the realization and presentation of the exhibition WILD LEUCATE SAUVAGE featuring 15 years of photographs over 750 km2 on sea, land and ponds, I understood that this region and the animal species that live there while benefiting from protection are poorly known and their rights are often non-existent or poorly recognized. I propose by this founding act to PEUPLES DE LA MER de Leucate, to take another look and a new awareness by reversing our focus, adopting new points of view, associating all living species in a deep reflection on the place of 'Man and the Citizen and his actions on the environment. Living in harmony with nature is everyone's desire, it requires creativity, awareness, responsibility, skills based on solid knowledge. I see daily that in our civilization of image, the realities of our nature are little revealed because authentic images are rare. The NGO PEUPLES DE LA MER proposes to help fill this void by setting up a vast experiment through an increased and regular presence in the natural areas of Leucate. Establish contacts with all wild species make observations, bring back knowledge, images, and disseminate them to improve our vision and our awareness of the PEOPLES OF THE SEA. The participants and partners of the NGO PEUPLES DE LA MER will be NAVIGATORS, WATCHERS, OBSERVERS, AMBASSADORS, MEDIATORS, CREATORS. Serge BRIEZ, President


Living in harmony with nature

by taking another look and a new consciousness by reversing our focus, adopting new points of view, associating all living species in a deep reflection on the place of Man and the Citizen and his actions on the environment.


 Change focus 

The PEOPLES of the SEA is above all another way of looking and actions oriented in the direction of the inhabitants of the sea towards man and not the other way around. Our goal is to shift the focus and show people what the people of the sea see, are and experience. The simple fact of seeing animals as “objects” and not “non-human living species”, having only of the rights that man wants to grant them is revealing.

Our main objectives are to deploy actions on land and at sea, to

  • to make known to all, and in particular to the inhabitants of Aude, Hérault and the Eastern Pyrenees, the maritime wild species (cetaceans, turtles, sharks, large fish, birds) living near and at the heart of human activities.

  • carry out annual projects to help restore a balance between human activities and the peoples of the sea

  • Promote the discovery of nature in a human approach respectful of the Living.

Project 2021

Thus begins the EXPEDITION the LION, the WHALE and the DOLPHIN.

The Founders of the NGO PEUPLES de la MER - OCCITANIE - GOLFE DU LION - LEUCATE have imagined and designed a project where adventure combines with education and science to awaken audiences in the South of the Gulf of Lion on the knowledge and awareness of their marine space and the living wild species that inhabit it.

The establishment and monitoring of the naturalist photographic exhibition " Wild leucate Sauvage " at the Henri de Montfreid space in Port Leucate has shown us that this marine territory in the South of the Gulf of Lion is poorly known to its inhabitants and users. However, it is a powerful and abundant concentrate of marine species from our planet: whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks, moonfish, ...

From spring 2021, a team of 8 people: navigators, observers, painter, photographer, director, writer, and scientists will embark aboard the THERA i LUNA sailboat whose home port is in Leucate for a 5-day expedition and 4 nights in the Canyons of the South of the Gulf of Lion. 120 hours of navigation and observation day and night to observe, listen to, photograph and film the PEOPLES OF THE SEA, in a difficult maritime region due to the very specific weather conditions.

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